What I’m Reading #8


DC Rebirth - Wonder Woman 1

It’s an interesting and new direction for the Amazon warrior. The new run by Greg Rucka is fairly unique in the way it bounces back and forth between the past and the present every other issue. So far the story is a little vague, but the art is amazing. Plus Diana’s new design is appropriately iconic. Not sure it’ll top Brian Azzarello’s run, but I’m on board.


Detective Comics 934

While the main Batman Rebirth title didn’t quite cut it for me, this one really grabbed me. First and foremost it has Batwoman front and center, training and leading a group of Gotham misfits, from Tim Drake to… Clay Face?! I’m intrigued.


Action Comics 959

I’ve gotta admit, even as someone whose read more Superman comics than I care to admit, I’m REALLY confused by what’s going on here. Don’t get me wrong, it’s entertaining, which at the very least is what this title should be, but… what’s with all the Supermen? We just had a storyline with multiple Superman. They killed off the New 52 Supes and brought in the Post-Crisis one as his replacement (after fighting an evil impostor), only to have a Clark Kent doppelganger to show up right after Lex Luthor dawns the S shield. I just kind of hope the book finds focus soon.


Star Wars - Han Solo Marvel comics

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, Marvel really knows what it’s doing with Star Wars! It goes without saying that Han Solo is no exception.


Vote Loki - Issue 2

This is not the best comic book ever, but the very fact that it exists makes me happy. In an election year that feels more like a gigantic hoax than ever before, yes I would probably consider voting for an Asgardian Trickster God / Super-villain, at least he’s honest about that.

VIKINGSTitan Comics

Vikings - Titan Comics

Based on the show of the same name, based on the historical warriors of the same name. If you love the show like I do, you’ll love the comics. The story so far kind of fills in the gaps between seasons 2 and 3.

DREDD: Dust – 2000 AD



I’ve been holding out hope for a new Karl Urban Judge Dredd movie for years now, so this is a good substitute… for now!

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