What I’m Reading #11

Here’s some of my personal favorites from my pull list over the past few months…


Batman 25 - a war of jokes and riddles

“A War of Jokes and Riddles” is shaping up to be one very cool story arc. This issue shows how a gang war between the Joker and the Riddler begins. The Riddler is one of my favorite Bat-villains, and he’s criminally under-used in my book, so it’s nice to see him take center stage. Although the Joker is completely over-used, this seems to be an interesting take on the clown prince of crime.

Star Wars: DARTH VADER #1

Darth Vader 2017

The Dark Lord of the Sith returns! This one picks up right after the events of Revenge of the Sith and tells the story of how Vader got his light-saber.


Reborn #6

The finale to a fantastic series – it’s both action packed and emotional.

The Power of the Dark Crystal

Power of the Dark Crystal

This is the comic book version of the sequel I never knew I wanted. If you’re a fan of the original Jim Henson classic, you need to pick up this book. If you haven’t seen “The Dark Crystal” I might just have to revoke your nerd card.

Scott Pilgrim Vol. 1-6 (Color Editions)

Scott Pilgrim vol 1-6 color editions

All six volumes of Bryan Lee O’Malley’s cult classic were recently re-released – in color!

WONDER WOMAN – Annual #1

Wonder Woman Annual 1 Rebirth

This issue picks up right after the recent (must read) “Year One” storyline – and shows Diana meeting Superman and Batman for the first time.

OLD MAN LOGAN #’s 21-24

Old Man Logan - Past Lives

This is a very cool series if you’re a Wolverine fan, but these issues in particular are up there with the original Old Man Logan epic. “Past Lives” is about Logan on a journey through some of the key moments of his past: the Weapon X program, the first time he fought the Hulk, that one time in Japan, the post-apocalyptic future that he came from, etc

Superman Reborn (Action Comics #’s 975, 976, 977 / Superman #’s 18, 19)

Superman Reborn

If you’re a Superman fan, this is essential reading! A mysterious villain from Superman’s past makes a long overdue return with a vengeance: Mr. Mxyzptlk! When Lois and Clark’s son goes missing from existence – they both must fight to not lose their memories of him and will do anything to get him back. Worlds collide and timelines shift as Mxyzptlk reshapes reality…

One of my favorite things about this one is that it actually fixes continuity (making things way less convoluted) while retaining elements of the Post-Crisis and New 52 versions of Superman.

Hal Jordan and the Green Lantern Corps

Hal Jordan and the Green Lantern Corps 22

This comic has been consistently good. If you liked the Geoff Johns run on GL, I can’t recommend this one enough.


What are some of your favorite issues? Let us know in the comments below!

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