What I’m Reading #10


Unworthy Thor

A couple years back, during “Original Sin”, Thor lost his ability to lift Mjolnir. Since then, Jane Foster took up the mantle of the God of Thunder, while the Odinson has been cast aside. We still don’t know why Thor is ‘Unworthy’, but we’re sure to find out soon. Jason Aaron continues his incredible run that first started with “THOR: God of Thunder” and continues to prove a worthy scribe for this ongoing saga…



Trinity #4

Batman, Superman, and Wonder Woman. DC’s ‘Big Three’ take center stage once again!

After dinner at the Kent farm, Clark, Bruce and Diana are ambushed by Poison Ivy with a rather powerful strain of the Black Mercy – a hypnotic parasitic plant that traps one in a dream of their deepest desires. This time however, the three heroes are stuck in a shared delusion, reliving pivotal moments from their past.

The art alone makes this worth grabbing, but it’s also an interesting look at how each of them react to each other’s painful memories and defining moments.



Star Trek Boldly Go

For the first time ever, Captain Kirk faces off against the Borg!

The series picks up where “Star Trek Beyond” left off – while the Enterprise-A is under construction, the crew is split up on various missions. Kirk is serving aboard the USS Endeavor with Bones, while Spock and Uhura are on New Vulcan. Then, out of nowhere, the USS Concord is obliterated, most of the crew is captured, Sulu is left in critical condition and the only clue was one repeating message: “Resistance is Futile”.

In issue 3, Kirk finally encounters the Borg and… well you have to pick up the issue to see what happens…



God Country #1

A demi-god shows up in modern Texas… Issue One is pretty crazy and it’s just getting started. Check with us about ordering a second printing!




Comic masters, Mark Millar and Greg Capullo, team up for one of the most original comics in some time. “Reborn” isn’t just an action-packed adventure, it’s also very emotionally resonate. It’s about the age old question: What happens after we die? What if you awoke to an alternate realm where fantasy is reality and what you did in life affects who you are in the next? What if everyone in the afterlife was counting on you to save reality from the forces of darkness?


Betty and VeronicaArchie Comics

Betty and Veronica #1

Part of the all new, modernized revamp of Archie-verse comes a comic about best friends, Betty and Veronica… and their ensuing drama… – by Adam Hughes himself!


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