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“Designed to Hit it & Quit it”
Feb 12, 2017
Badr’s sound effects machine is put to the test as Cesar and Ed struggle to keep the show on course. The boys are left to themselves to talk about everything from new trailers to comic book child support in this one.

“Nerd In The Know”
Feb 02, 2017
There’s a new column in the FL Times Union that highlights all things geek and nerd here in Northeast Florida, and we’ve got the woman in charge to talk about it. Tiffanie Reynolds stops by to talk about journalism and the Jax nerd community.

Jan 22, 2017
It’s our 2017 homecoming episode. Ashley and Ed are back to unite the almost full crew. Everyone shares a pop-culture article and piece of news while Ed shares the truth serum, and we uncover more dark secrets from Ashley’s past.

Short Box crew

“My Kingdom For A Die”
Jan 15, 2017
We highlight one of our favorite game stores, Cool Stuff Games, with the head honcho of the Jax location, Melvin Conyers. We learn the origin of the store and discuss some of the best titles that modern day gaming has to offer.

“Bless Your Heart”
Jan 09, 2017
Shaun Thurston and Dustin Harewood of the art collective crew, Bless Your Heart, help us bring in the New Year with a Q&A about Shaun’s start, the Phoenix art district, and present the first Weak Sauce Award of the year.

The Holiday Special Strikes Back“The Holiday Special Strikes Back”
Dec 18, 2016
It’s our holiday special and year-end review episode in one, and it’s no surprise that it’s mostly Star Wars talk. We dish out our Rogue One reviews and share our best of 2016 list’s. This episode was powered by Hood Rich Cashley spiked rum!

Dec 11, 2016
Sarah Delaine, former PR & Marketing coordinator of Image Comics stops by to share her unique perspective on the world of comics and marketing. Plus, we have free tickets to give-away for the GAAM Secret Toyland party, find out how you can win them!

“Flying Boner”
Dec 04, 2016
In celebration of the return of X-Men Blue & Gold teams, we’re dedicating this one to our love of all things X-Men. We also finally learn the secret to Adam’s beef with Gambit, and the first taste test of Ashley’s highly illegal spiked cider!

“Make Mine Short Box”
Nov 20, 2016
The crew, past & present, come together to celebrate the past four years of recording and to usher in a new season with a movie review, more dark secrets from Ashley’s past, our best of 2016 list so far, and the debut of the new intro song!

Short Box mid-podcast“Giant-Sized Spectacular”
Nov 13, 2016
For our milestone episode, we’re taking you through a gauntlet of short, fun, and insightful interviews captured from the Hall of Heroes Con. Get to know comic creator’s like Zack Kaplan, Peter David, and more about this year’s GAAM and MOSH events!

“Short Box Sanctorum”
Nov 06, 2016
The Marvel OG joins the crew, with a returned Adam, to talk about the Doctor Strange movie and our reactions to the new Walking Dead season. Adam shows us how Luke Cage has changed him for the better, and Ed talks about the foodie life.

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