The Short Box Cometh!

It’s the summer of punching your best friend in the face! – Batman v Superman, Daredevil vs the Punisher, Cap versus Tony, and The Short Box vs GAAM?!

Find out more in the latest episodes of THE SHORT BOX!

Badr v Cesar

Badr v Cesar

“Pulled Porkin’s”
Apr 10, 2016
We get around to covering our picks from the Image Comic Expo and DC Rebirth coverage. Badr commits a party foul and there’s a ton of emails to be read. Keep the emails coming and let us know your thoughts on our next commentary episode!

Apr 03, 2016
It’s the summer of punch your best friend in the face blockbusters and we’ve been inspired! It’s a full house when we try our best to have a discussion about Batman Vs Superman, answer emails, and we pick more champion picks than you could ask for!

Adam Returns

“One Batch, Two Batch”
Mar 20, 2016
Adam’s back! After confessing our love for Daredevil Season two in its entirety we’re joined by Max Michaels, who share’s all the details for the upcoming Collective Con show coming April 1st. This is not a joke and the spoilers are very real!

“Forgot About Strange”
Mar 14, 2016
This one has trash talking, our reactions to the new Civil War trailer, thoughts on casting Iron Fist, more trash talking, and a visit from the owner of Monsters in My Closet. All of this in one episode plus a visit from a new challenger!

12980434_10209118099531890_1737838655_n“Check Out My Wikipedia”
Feb 29, 2016
We finally got a chance to interview the long overdue Hip-hop triple threat, Mr. Paten Locke! Aside from a trip down memory lane, we learned a lesson in braggadocios and talked about our appreciation for the X-Men’s often overlooked man of steel.

“Death by Zamboni”
Feb 21, 2016
The title lets you know we’re about to review our favorite Merc with a Mouth! But we also find time to discuss the new Daredevil trailer, NY Toy Fare, Cesar’s feminine side, and we catch up on emails.

12969150_10209118099411887_973705909_n“Tightly Knit Duo”
Feb 08, 2016
International cosplay model, Jenifer Ann, and renowned costume designer, Candy Keane, stop by the show to talk about life in the professional cosplay business and the do’s and don’ts of convention life.

“Rappin’ With Spidey Pt.2”
Feb 01, 2016
This is the second part to the in-depth review of Marvel’s Hip-Hop variants hosted by the Altered Egos Comics Podcast. Learn how about the covers and how hip-hop and comic culture intersect with Badr, Zane, and Jon. Check out

“Nobody Puts Brett In The Corner”
Jan 25, 2016
Brett Ricketts of stops by to join us to talk about our latest partnership. We also took time to highlight the latest comic book and movie news that you guys and gals have shared with us! Keep sending those emails and comments.

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