Short Box with a Vengeance!

It’s been far too long since our last update with the adventures of the Short Box crew! Since last time, our valiant podcasters have traversed the pop culture scene, survived Suicide Squad, triumphed at GAAM and joined forces with our very own Ashley! Check below for the ongoing saga of Jacksonville’s premiere comic book and pop culture podcast…

The Short Box - featuring Ashley

“SBX Lost Episode”
Sep 05, 2016
Two idiots, Adam and Drew, find their way into the studio to record a drunken whiskey fueled ramble about book clubs,Star Wars, and life. We’re really sorry.

“Sock Weiner”
Aug 28, 2016
Your favorite chums from the podcast are back and they’re flying by the seat of their pants. Script, what script? This is The Goldener era, we’re nothing but flow. We talk the future of Steve Rogers, Image titles ending, and of course, Star Wars.

“The Goldener Era”
Aug 26, 2016
When the cat is away, the mice will play! Mwuahahahaha…ahem…Adam and Cesar take the reins and course-correct the show toward a brighter horizon. Joined by Ed Dansart and Ashley, the crew welcomes with open arms Badr’s mystery replacement.

Ashley with the Infinity Gauntlet“Cool Hand Ashley”
Aug 14, 2016
The full crew is back together after surviving the epic GAAM VS show. They tally up their scores on DC’s Suicide Squad movie, Adam ensures Star Wars stays in the mix, and the truth behind visionary founder Badr. Keep those emails coming!

Jul 31, 2016
We’re joined by the creators of Jacksonville-born clothing brand, Bonsoir Southern Flea Market. It’s a brand championed by the likes of J.T. Thomas and Odell Backham. Malcolm, Jordie, and Stan give us the history and breakdown of their movement

“The Fine Print”
Jul 24, 2016
It’s a full house cast as we attempt to cover as many comic book trailers and news coming out of San Diego Comic-Con as possible. The crew is united by their love of Stranger Things and Adam goes outside the show for legal help.

“The Passion of Badeer”
Jul 17, 2016
We’re joined by Ryan of GAAM and Craig Young of Fan-Lexicon to talk about their upcoming August events here in Jax. Badr survives an onslaught of mispronunciation and our first ever blooper reel. Send us your haiku’s at!

“Do You Even Short Box Bro?”
Jul 10, 2016
Adam’s back and he doesn’t waste time trying to take the host throne! The guys also spend a good amount of time convincing Badr to start GOT and proving that he may be a Stan Lee megalomaniac.

Cesar, Ashley, Ed, Adam

Cesar, Ashley, Ed, Adam

“A Convo with Drew”
Jul 02, 2016
Just in time for Fourth of July festivities! We kept this episode light hearted with a conversational piece between Badr and Drew. In true bags and boards fashion, they play catch up with what they’ve been reading, watching, and listening to.

“From One To Loki”
Jun 26, 2016
Ashley Lanni Hoye joins the crew to discuss a plethora of random topics. From the new E3 video-games coming to claim our wallets in December, Dark Knight 3 review, fan fictions, and Badr’s first time at a USWA match; this episode covers a lot.

“Got Gimmicks?”
Jun 12, 2016
USWA Champions, Dagon Briggs and Jon Davis, join us for a crash course on all things wrestling, their origin stories, and the indie circuit here in FL. Everything leads up to the USWA: Red, White, and Bruised championship bout in two weeks!

“Geoff Johns FTW”
Jun 05, 2016
The Short Box trifecta is back to talk about actual current comics! After singing our praises for Geoff Johns and Rebirth we discuss Civil War 2, X-Men Age of Apocalypse, and Matt Attack tells us how he really feels.

“Bags&Boards Vol.3”
Jun 01, 2016
Live from Memorial Day and MegaCon weekend is another installment of our throwback Bags&Boards segment. The original members of the show team up to bring you a discussion from the latest comic book happenings and the music in their rotation.

“Some Thor Sh*t”
May 22, 2016
We continue our discussion of Civil War with none other than, The Marvel OG. Cesar test runs a new segment, we review the latest TMNT trailer, and the OG shares insight on the Black Panther’s history and his comic gripes.

The Short Box mid session“Civil War”
May 15, 2016
We’re back with our thoughts and opinions on the newest Captain America movie. After dissecting the differences in the comic and movie; we take time to honor the genius of Darwin Cooke and share a special Short Box exclusive promo.

“Wunna Punshara Mahnnn!!”
May 01, 2016
We take a chance to catch up with the latest comic and movie news, as well as highlight all the things happening in Jax for Free Comic Book Day. Badr struggles to defend his Marvel card and we’ve got some words for the new X-Men trailer.

“It’s Hard Being A Hedgehog”
Apr 17, 2016
We give our thoughts on the new comic book movie trailers and Archie Comic’s artist, Adam Bryce Thomas, joins us for an in-depth interview about drawing for Sonic the Hedgehog and what it takes to make it in the comic business.

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