THE SHORT BOX – Strikes Back!

The Short Box is back and better than ever with Season 3!

Adam Wollet and the Short Box celebrate Kingdom Bum!

Congrats to Adam for his new comic, Kingdom Bum!

“The Kingdom Bum Reading Show”
Oct 27, 2015
Adam Wollet and Action Lab Comic’s present a live reading of Kingdom Bum #1. Adam enlists comedian, Cesar Cordero; comic professor, James Greene; Superhero Hive managers Neil and Jon, and Brett from Jax Nerd for an astonishing recording.

“North Florida Life”
Oct 20, 2015
It’s our first two-part bonus episode of the season. Badr, Cesar, and Ed shoot the breeze in-between episodes and we invite Greg Hopkins of North Florida Comic-Con and Amanda Marron from Extra-Life for a Q&A about their upcoming events.

“Rated E”
Oct 12, 2015
Adam is back! And he’s brought exclusive insight into his new comic, “Kingdom Bum”, being published by Action Lab. We also share news and articles from NYCC and Cesar comes close to championing something from his old intangible days.

Oct 05, 2015
Just hours before his performance here in Jax, we were honored to have teacher turned rapper and respected hero of the nerdcore rap community, Mega-Ran aka Random, stop by to talk about his origin story, Capcom, and new album, “RNDM”.

“Trollin’ Dirty”
Sep 28, 2015
Cesar and Drew tackle Badr’s barrage of troll worthy topics. The guys discuss various costume reveals for the upcoming fall superhero TV shows, the X-Men’s latest struggle, and take sides with The Winter Soldier against DC’s flavor of the week

“Puff of Smoke”
Sep 07, 2015
The last music themed episode was such a hit, we interviewed another hometown band! The trio that make up, Moyamoya, guest on the show to talk about instrumental music, the five year process of their debut album, and their upcoming show in October.

“Wollet Was Right”
Aug 31, 2015
Down their main fact checking wizard the guys try their hand at catching up with all the latest comic book news, movie rumors, and television. Learn why you should never mush Stephen Amell in the face and our theories on the catalyst for Civil War.

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