The SHORT BOX Returns!


We hinted at a reunion last episode and we damn sure delivered! This weeks NEW episode is up and ready for your listening pleasures…

Check out the Latest Episode: “Slightly Touched”
Jul 13, 2015
The bands back together! It’s the welcome home episode we hinted at. Badr and Cesar recount their adventures in Europe and share their experiences with the comic book culture and locals.

Episodes 92-95

“The Black is Silent.”
Jun 02, 2015
His journey was long and arduous, but the months spent honing his skills via e-mail and Facebook posts paved his way to victory. The Short Box is proud to present Matthew Stinson, bringing the Matt Attack! straight to your ear holes!

The All New Short Box: Adam, Chris, and Ed“Keep on Cruisin’.”
Jun 16, 2015
HYPE LEVEL 9000! Two awesome events, Level Up and GAAMvengers are right around the corner and we have the details. And that’s not all! Brett Ricketts and RJ Jojola join us to talk about all things nerdy. Last but not least…RIP Sir Christopher Lee.

“Reverse Adam”
Jun 30, 2015
Who’s the greatest movie character of all time? We have no idea, but that didn’t stop us from talking about it. Plus, Heroes Con recap, and the one and only Iron Man Jax Joins the crew to talk about the new Spider-Man casting, movie rumors, and more.

“Chris Hates The World”
Jul 07, 2015
Comic talk! What we’re reading, what you should be reading, and what we do and don’t like about the post-secret war Marvel lineup. Also, Chris is wrong. Stay tuned till the very end for a very important reveal that will change the course of the show!
Short Boxers United!

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