Return of the Short Box


“Jalapeno Jack”
Jan 08, 2016
It’s our first episode of 2016 and we’ve got a solid forty minutes of Champion Season, our review of the new Cloverfield trailer, and we share in bonding time over Erik Larson

“The Holiday Special”
Dec 23, 2015
Christmas is upon us so the Marvel OG stops by. We real-time review the new X-Men Apocalypse trailer and take a trip down memory lane of our favorite holiday moments of the past. Plus special return appearance by Dr. Strange and Wong!

“Spoiler Wars”
Dec 19, 2015
In the midst of all the Star Wars frenzy this weekend we’ve gathered to talk a very SPOILER FILLED episode breaking down our reactions and thoughts on the new movie. Do yourself a favor and listen to this episode after you’ve seen Force Awakens.

“Landenberger With The Works”
Dec 08, 2015
Designer and artist Chad Landenberger joins the crew for a round table discussion of the latest comic book movie trailers and an in-depth chat about Jessica Jones. Adam champions the best TV series out and we find time to read a few emails!

“Short Box Fanboys”
Nov 30, 2015
We’ve got interviews from Mega-Con Fan-Days with Rob Hunter, Mike Perkins, Cully Hamner, and Tim Townsend for the first half, and a classic round table discussion with Walt, Badr, and Drew on the latest news in the nerd world to close it out.

“Video Game Jesus”
Nov 23, 2015
We invited GAAM Ryan to fill in for a very video game centric episode. Dustin Gartenbush, owner of Video Game Rescue, sits with us to talk the rise of a new retail empire, the video game hustle, and we take a stroll down 16bit memory lane.

“Rappin’ With Spidey”
Nov 17, 2015
Badr was invited as a special guest on the Altered Egos Comics Podcast for an in-depth review on Marvel’s Hip-Hop variant initiative. Learn how hip-hop and comic culture intersect and look for part two next month on

“The Droids You Were Looking For”
Nov 10, 2015
It’s the Star Wars themed show you all asked for and well-deserve. We enlist a full cast for a round table discussion of the most popular franchise in pop-culture. We cover the impact, facts, and random tidbits from the movies to the comics

“The Goddamn Aquaman”
Nov 04, 2015
Two episodes in one! Ep.108 finds the crew back for a second round of various topic discussions about the latest geek and pop-culture news. Ep.109 is audio and interviews from last week’s North Florida Comic-Con show with local vendors and creators.

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