What I’m Reading Now – #4 (Super Late Edition)

Sooo it’s been a while since my last article and I sincerely apologize. I’ve been crazy busy with finals, but now that the semester is over, I just wanted to cover some titles that I’ve been reading over the past few couple months before I get back to your regularly scheduled updates!     —– Erik

Tokyo Ghost – Image Comics


Joining forces with Sean Gordon Murphy of ‘Chrononaughts’, Remender does it again!

The story begins in an over-teched-out future, that kinda reminded me of Idiocracy and journeys to a post-apocalyptic Japan which, in stark contrast to the crowded country of Los Angeles, is a beautiful tech-free paradise, taken back by nature and ruled by a clan of samurai. In addition to the gripping story, Murphy’s art is just as captivating, every single panel is chock-full of detail.

Think Ghost in the Shell meets Ninja Scroll with some thought-provoking social commentary thrown in.

Tokyo Ghost Issue 3

FTL Issue One Image Comics

Faster Than Light – Image Comics

Image has been killing it with space-faring comics! And this one doesn’t disappoint.

It’s got just the right amount of hard science mixed with some truly terrifying moments inspired by Ridley Scott’s ‘Alien’.

A first contact mission gone horribly awry? Yeah, I’m so on board for this trip.

JAMES BOND 007 – Dynamite

James Bond 007 VARGR Dynamite

Wow! This is one dark comic. In the best way possible. Seriously, check out that intro scene in the first issue. Oh man, that’s gritty. There’s a lot to love here, especially for fans of Ian Fleming’s super spy. For one, it’s not actually based on any particular version of the character from the movies, it’s more like they took the original version of the character from the novels and then placed him into a modern setting.

It’s brilliant.

The (new) Amazing Spider-man – Marvel

Alex Ross - Amazing Spider-man coverAt long last! A new, bold direction for everyone’s favorite web slinger! Peter Parker finally gets it together. After years of living check to check, down in the dumps, and just barely managing to save the world, while his own life crumbles around him, Parker manages to overcome Murphy’s Law – instead of just utilizing his amazing powers to help save his city, Peter begins to live up to his true potential, using his resourcefulness and intelligence to make the world a better place!

As a globe-trotting Spider-man, Peter is the head of a tech giant, runs a network of Spider-men and for the first time, is really helping the world in more ways than just punching super villains in the jaw. Gives an all new meaning to Uncle Ben’s creed, “With Great Power, Comes Great Responsibility” and it should be an inspiration to all of us.

Plus, I’ve always thought that Spidey should upgrade his suit, integrating technology in his fight against crime, because it’s what I would do in his shoes. Glad to see Marvel finally listened to me. 😉

Star Trek / Green Lantern – IDW / DC

Star Trek / Green LanternTwo of my favorite sci-fi properties in comics coming together for the first time ever! It really shouldn’t work on so many levels, but… in a weird way, it kinda does. I do like the way they’ve managed to balance out the Trek and GL elements in a way where one doesn’t quite overpower the other. It’s good synergy.

One of my favorite aspects is that we get to see which Star Trek characters fit into which Lantern corps. Uhura becomes a Star Sapphire, and Chekhov is a Blue Lantern of Hope, while a Gorn commander is seduced by the Rage of the Red Lanterns, a Romulan senator gets a hold of Larfleeze’s power and of course, the Klingons join the Sinestro Corps!

Oh yeah, it’s way better than that Next Gen / X-Men crossover of the 90’s… shudders…

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