What I’m Reading Now – #2

“Oh, Killstrike” #2 – Boom Studios (Max Bemis, Logan Faerber)

Oh Killstrike - "Vengeance!"

This comic is absurdly funny. In fact, while reading in bed, I laughed way too hard at this issue and ended up waking up my wife. The story follows a normal guy, Jared, a new father struggling to adjust to his new status quo, while unresolved issues with his own dad linger. While looking through his attic for old 80’s comics to sell, one of his childhood anti-heroes comes to life! ‘Killstrike’ pulls himself from the panels of his book and immediately begins to seek ambiguous vengeance in the real world to no avail. Together the two venture off to find Killstrike’s creator… and possibly patch things up with Jared’s old man.

JLA #1 – DC (Bryan Hitch)

JLA 2015

For those that enjoy a good Justice League story, this looks to be a very promising installment. It looks to be an epic crisis-level event contained in one series, which is exactly what the Justice League books should be!

X-Men ’92 (Secret Wars) – Marvel (Chris Sims, Chad Bowers)

X-Men 92

For those who grew up with the X-Men in the early 90’s, this is one hell of a nostalgia trip! This tie-in to Secret Wars takes you back to the Animated Series Era of the Uncanny Mutant Team… with a crazy new twist…

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  1. Dallas Gillespie says:

    I also love oh killstrike and it’s humor thanks for turning me on to it

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