POWER RANGERS – Dani’s Review!

I went into Power Rangers not expecting very much.

I’d pretty much written it off in my mind, and had decided that if it gave me a nice nostalgia bomb I was going to be happy with it. After all, any chance to harken back to the days of old where I would run around my back yard wielding palm fronds battling Lord Zed should be taken. This was a terrible mistake, I admit it, I was wrong.

Power Rangers was great.

Power Rangers - Dino-Zord poster

It managed to blend humor and action in ways that made me laugh even as I leaned forward, literally on the edge of my reclining movie chair. The acting was off the chain, and there was genuine character development- in a POWER RANGERS movie!

Power Rangers - Kimberly posterThat said, I do have some things to say about it. Perhaps it was my bad attitude walking into it, but it seemed to me the beginning of the movie took way too long to get going. A combination of Breakfast Club and Stranger things, the pacing for the first 30 minutes was all kinds of weird.

The chemistry set up between the rangers as they first met up did eventually have a great payoff, but it was kind of rough to sit through. I enjoyed the changes they made to most of the characters which if you’re a morphin’ fan you’ll notice, but I wished they’d been a little bit subtler will Billy- I don’t want to give it too much away, but he is not the same nerd in overalls and glasses.

Slow beginning aside, the last half of the movie more than made up for its weak beginning. The training scenes, felt real and genuine, the character’s bonding period felt natural and unforced. The writers and actors have lot to be proud of for balancing serious creep factor with fantastic campiness, and yet the far and away best part of the movie is the final action scene. Not only was it completely engaging, but it was intense enough for my Fitbit to congratulate me on hitting the fat burning zone. Filled with humorous moments to cut the tension, realist dialogue, Easter eggs for fans, and out of this world (pun intended) special effects, I can’t think of a final battle I liked more in recent years.

Power Rangers - cast line up

Power Rangers was the movie I didn’t even know that I should be hoping for. 20 years after falling in love with television series, the child in my heart left gleeful, and while I won’t be attacking imaginary aliens with palm fronds anytime soon, I’m able to content myself with the memory one very well placed slap the next time someone pushes my buttons.

Go see it – your inner 8-year-old demands it.

Ps: leave your actual 8-year-old at home, because Rita is truly the stuff of nightmares.

Review by Dani Slader.

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