Membership Cards Are Here!

The Big Kahuna here with an update on some awesome store stuff!

Back in May I mentioned that I wanted to create some form of Membership Card so that you, our wonderful and valued customers, would be able to get your discounts at both stores and so that we could have another way of rewarding you for being such great customers!

To clarify: All of your existing discounts are staying in place, we are just adding MORE benefits for you!

So, starting this week, we’ve teamed up with FiveStars, a membership card program that will allow us to do just that.  When you go in to pick up your pulls for the next couple of weeks we’ll be handing you a FiveStars card and getting your basic information to assign to the cards.  This system is separate from our pull system and we want to make sure that we have your best contact information, so we apologize if it sounds redundant to ask you for your phone number and email address when we already have it on file.

In addition to your already great 15% discount on new comics and free bags anFiveStars Logod boards, you’ll receive 1 FiveStars point for every new comic or pack of Magic the Gathering cards you buy.  When you save enough points you’ll be able to get free stuff like drinks from our coolers (We’re working on the cooler at the Hive, hopefully it will be there in a couple weeks), free variant covers, or even an additional discount off your monthly pull for 1 month! I’ll list the benefits at the end of the email, but keep in mind that this is a new program for us, so some items may be added as time goes forward.

So, what do we get out of this program?

FiveStars allows us to send text messages to you once you’re signed up, but don’t worry we’re really very concerned about annoying you with text messages so just so you know that we’re not bugging you I’m going to tell you what kind of messages you would receive.

  • After we haven’t seen you in 15 days you may get a text message reminding you to come pick up your pull (I’m not sure yet if we’re going to use the 15 day message yet, I’m still considering it)
  • If you haven’t come in after 30 days you will get a message again, a reminder that you need to pick up your pull this is a friendly reminder that your pull may be getting a little long-in-the-tooth, as they say.
  • After we haven’t seen you for 45 days you’ll get another reminder with a note to hurry in or to call us.  Basically this is the message that says, you’re probably going to get a call from Amber or Ashley really soon “gently nudging” you to come get your comics so we don’t have to put stuff away.
  • Finally, we may text you no more than once-per-month about upcoming special events or sales that you would find important or worth hearing about.

I’m seriously not interested in making your phone blow up with text messages from us, so you won’t see a lot.  But when Thanksgiving is near, you’ll probably get a text with sneak info on the Black Friday Sale, and when Free Comic Book Day is around the corner, you’ll probably see a reminder text at the end of April and again on the 1st of May…

So here’s what your points will get you so far:

  • 25 Points:   Free Drink from the cooler (again, Hive cooler is coming soon!)
  • 75 Points:   Free Variant Cover comic up to a $10 value
  • 150 Points: Free Variant Cover comic up to $25 value
  • 500 Points: Free T-Shirt OR Free Variant Cover comic up to a $75 value
  • 1000 Points: 20% off your pull for once month from the day this is redeemed. (That’s 20% instead of 15% not in addition.)
  • AND you get one FREE new comic on your birthday!

Remember, I’m probably going to add to this as we start to see how this plays out.  I definitely want to have some point benefits for our Magic Players as well, so that will probably be the first addition.

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