“How’d you get into comics?” with Jonathan Sanders

I guess Batman was my first favorite superhero.


At the time I probably didn’t know he was from a comic book, I just knew him from the 1989 movie and I had all the action figures and toys. Then after action figures, I started collecting Marvel trading cards in the 1990’s, like Marvel Masterpieces and Flair Ultra. I learned a lot about Marvel characters that way and learned their first appearances.

At the same time I was watching the X-Men and Spider-Man cartoon shows. I finally started buying comics in middle school. I used to stay at my friend’s house every weekend and we found a comic shop near his house so we would ride our bikes and spend our weekly allowances on comics. (Specifically Jim Lee’s X-Men run.)

X-Men - Jim Lee art

I collected through high school and grew to love Spider-Man as my favorite. I stopped for a while because of college and moving. I didn’t know of any places around. Then about 7 or 8 years ago I started coming to Universe of Superheroes and never looked back. My comic collection went from 3 or 4 long boxes to 15 easy. A few years later, I started working there. After some name changes and a couple of owners, I’m now the store manager of Superhero Hive and wouldn’t trade it for anything.

– JONATHAN, Your Friendly Neighborhood Comic Manager

The Amazing Spider-man

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