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Hall of Heroes banner - Jacksonville Florida 2016

HALL OF HEROES is a new comic convention for Jacksonville. This partnership between publisher, promoter and COLLECTIVE CON co-founder Max Michaels and SUPERHERO HIVE & SUPERHERO BEACH comic shops brings together a show celebrating the art and creators of comics. This one day con is scheduled for Saturday November 12th, 2016 (Veteran’s Day Weekend) at the Snyder Armory on Normandy Boulevard. More information at HallofHeroesJax.com

Rhi - Hall of HeroesRhiannon Owens is a Florida based artist who currently specializes in sketch cards for Topps and Marvel Comics, with a love of comic books and fantasy art. Her work can be seen on promos, print ads, package designs, and other mediums for a variety of publishers. Rhiannon was recently featured in the article Trading Card Art — Rhiannon Drew it and Scott Lobdell Loves it on ComicVine.com written by the legendary Scott Lobdell.

What drew you to the artistic world?

I grew up an only child so I did it when I was little to keep myself busy. My Dad was an artist to some degree so I get it from him. I never intended to do it professionally because I was afraid of getting tired of it, but that hasn’t happened thankfully. I like challenging myself and the different subject matter, that the properties I work on presents me with, is a good conduit for that.

Rhi - WWI can only imagine what it’s like to work on so many amazing properties like Star Wars and DC! How did that happen?

I was at Heroes Con in 2008 and shared a room with a fellow artist who was already working in the industry. We knew each other but had never looked at each other’s work so when he looked at mine he told me about the business and forwarded samples to his editor for the next project. I got my first official invitation in December 2008 for a Marvel gig. My first DC project happened in March of 2009 and Star Wars in October 2009. All because he spoke up for me and helped get my foot in the door. Thanks, Jason!

Do you have a favorite medium?

For the projects I work on 85% of what I do is Copic marker. Everything is mixed media. I paint in acrylics also.

Rhi - Boba Fett

What’s a normal work day look like?

Normal? What is this “normal” you speak of?
Depending on the amount of projects I’ve taken on, I could be working 10-14 hrs a day ( with breaks of course ) or working convention hours and drawing daily commissions from shows if I’m on the road. Since I work from home, I can opt to not work at all or just sketch and lay out images for completion on another day. It’s different everyday

Rhi - FuriosaWho inspires you the most and why?

Ugh. That’s really hard. I love SO MANY artists.
I’m inspired by Hughes, Lee, Silvestri, Coipel, and Art Adams for their attention to detail and dynamic compositions.
I’m inspired by Hetrick, Staggs, Asrar and DeLiz because they were card artists before breaking into sequentials.
I also grew up loving Perez, Byrne, Davis and Cockrum.

Any crazy con stories?

Oh God. Um. A guy asked me if he could get a discount if he took me out to dinner. One asked if he kissed me would I draw him a free head-sketch. I’ve had some pretty bizarre requests for con sketches…A lady in Salt Lake spent 20 minutes gushing over my work and, then, asked if I was open for commissions. She asked if I had a price list and when I showed her she scoffed and said “who are you again?” And stormed off…

Rhi - Storm Thor

Anything fun on the horizon?
Yes. Copious amounts of glorious sleep.

What’s one piece of advice you could give to any aspiring creatives out there?

Challenge yourself to draw characters and objects that you do NOT feel completely comfortable drawing. Cars, buildings, mechanical things, all of it. Being able to whip out a quick character at a con is easy and great but if someone wants an involved piece with a full background you can get in way over your head if all you can draw are capes and ambiguous globular color explosions.

Rhiannon is available for new commissions as her schedule allows so please feel free contact her with your requests. You can also connect with her on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.

Rhiannon Owens will be at Hall of Heroes on November 12th only in Jacksonville, Florida!

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