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HALL OF HEROES is a new comic convention for Jacksonville. This partnership between publisher, promoter and COLLECTIVE CON co-founder Max Michaels and SUPERHERO HIVE & SUPERHERO BEACH comic shops brings together a show celebrating the art and creators of comics. This one day con is scheduled for Saturday November 12th 2016 (Veteran’s Day Weekend) at the Snyder Armory on Normandy Boulevard. More information at HallofHeroesJax.com

Adam Bryce ThomasAdam Bryce Thomas is a comic artist currently working for Archie Comics. He works as the main penciler for the Sonic Universe series and has contributed works to other comics in the Sonic The Hedgehog franchise. In addition to penciling, Adam has collaborated with many writers as lead artist, a recent example being Outre Press’s Anthology #5: Desire. In addition to drawing comics, Adam spends his free time expressing himself with watercolors and illustration. He is passionate about encouraging young artists and strives to be an approachable, welcoming presence in the industry.

When did you first decide to pursue art?

Probably during high school, though I had been creating things since I was a child really in a dedicated manner.

How did you get your foot in the door with Archie Comics?

With Archie it took me actually going to NY ComicCon and giving my portfolio to the editor himself. I spent time working with him for around a year through emails until I got my first gig.

What’s your favorite aspect of working on the Sonic title?

I love that my current editor is willing to let an artist handle the work in the best way we see fit. Its very fun for me to get to work on a well known IP like Sonic, something that has been around since I was a child. The characters and universe are very loose and fun and really lend themselves to interesting page layout and action.

Do you have a favorite character in the Sonic Universe?

My favorite character is Knuckles.

Sonic Universe - cover by Adam Bryce ThomasWhat does a normal work day look like?

I work whenever I have the will to. Its not really normal work hours per say, and I usually do my best work at night. I just kinda treat everything I want to do as a responsibility and make sure it all gets done. No real structure other than sitting down and focusing. As long as I get it all done by the deadline, that’s what matters to me.

What other characters or properties would you like to take on? (Zelda perhaps?)

Yea, I would love to work with Nintendo’s IP’s. My main goal is to make sure my living wages come from my artistry, so I’d probably jump at a chance to do any type of comics related job, however working with any of Nintendo’s IP’s would be pretty great.

What’s one piece of advice you could give to any aspiring creatives out there?

Sacrifice your leisure time and work as hard and as long as your possibly can. If you’d rather be doing other things, this industry isn’t for you. There is no substitute for hard work. Stay determined.

Adam Bryce Thomas - Collective Con

Adam Bryce Thomas will be at Hall of Heroes on November 12th only in Jacksonville, Florida!

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