Comic Zombie presents… HOLY BAT MOVIES!

Bat-Posters: Batman '66, Forever, Begins

Comic Zombie and his sidekick, Erik Smash (yours truly) – strike back with a trilogy of articles covering every single live action Bat-movie from ’66 to ‘Rises! Yes that’s right, we sat through ALL EIGHT movies – the Good, the Bad, and the Fugly, then decided to share our random thoughts with you, the Internet.

We grade the bat-mobiles, critique the villains, pick apart the things that work and more importantly the things that don’t, pointing out the numerous logical fallacies and plot inconsistencies throughout, but most of all we had a blast on this nostalgic trip to the past!

Michael Keaton - Batman

HOLY BAT-MOVIES – Part One: Batman ’66, Batman ’89, Batman Returns

We first started off with the cheese-filled campy goodness of the Adam West era, followed up by the dark and disturbing Tim Burton movies starring Michael Keaton.

Batman '89

HOLY BAT-MOVIES – Part Two: Batman Forever, Batman and Robin

Our dreaded descent into Hell… Comic Zombie and I tear apart Joel Schumacher’s Batman Forever and the god awful Batman and Robin

batman and robin

HOLY BAT-MOVIES – Part Three: Batman Begins, The Dark Knight, The Dark Knight Rises

With the worst behind us, we finally finish our marathon off by analyzing Christopher Nolan’s gritty and serious Dark Knight Trilogy! 

The Dark Knight Trilogy Next time on Comic Zombie: The Spider-man Movies! (stay tuned true believers)

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