Catching up with the Short Box

I’m really sorry to anyone waiting to see these posts here.  We will do better at getting them up more quickly. They are always available at as well.

The last few weeks has seen a few great episodes of the Short Box.  One of them even featured our very own Superhero Beach Artist/Counter Girl, Ashley talking about some of her upcoming projects.  You can catch them all below!

The Short Box in Space!
Jun 19, 2014
The crew interview Josh and Jacqueline Rudloff, creators of the space comedy comic, “Dan in Space”. They learn the magic phrase to get into New York City Comic-Con and Adam ponders being a locksmith as a side hustle. PLEASE TAKE NOTE OF THE INTRO.

Friends,How Many of Us Have Them?
Jun 26, 2014
Grim Times are to be had all around when Clay Doran stops by the show. Creator of the latest indie comic,”Grim Times Comic”, sits down with the Short Boxers to talk about inspiration through bad luck and helps repair a strained friendship.

Jojola’s Sex Tip Column
Jul 03, 2014
Adam brings Ashley Hoye back on the show to give a recap of this year’s Heroes-Con. Newbie comic book collector in training, Chris Jojola, represents for all the aspiring Short Boxers out there and champion season highlights a new type of Outcast.

 “Life Leave Me Alone
Jul 03, 2014
It’s a big step forward for the Short Box. The first ever Skype interview with good friend Matt Fisher, creator of Richmond Virginia’s comic and culture podcast, Life Leave Me Alone. Matt talks origins and interviewing Brian Wood and Mike Allred.

GAAM-Box Episode 2
Jul 05, 2014
Saturday July 12th,GAAM is throwing their art/music event based on Final Fantasy 7! You’ve heard us mention the show plenty but Ryan and Kyle are back to give us the final details on the event and what you can expect out of this can’t miss party.


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