The Big Kahuna joins The Short Box! – and A Special Announcement…

The Short Boxers recreating the cover to Amazing Spider-man #50

The Short Boxers – No More?!

Ladies and gents, it’s my privilege to present the latest edition of Catching up with The Short Box. This time around we have FOUR can’t miss episodes including Neil’s (long overdue) guest appearance, The Short Box Giveaway, and Collective Con announcements!

BUT first up – a HUGE announcement: There will be no new episode this week…at least not with all of short boxers you know and love. Find out who and why in the NEW EPISODE, Ep.84 “Keyboard Warriors” (below).

Trust us, you’ll want to stay to the end on this one.

The Short Boxers“Keyboard Warriors”
Mar 24, 2015
A turtle dies…maybe. The Killing Joke rears its head again, bringing us another cover controversy. Another contest is announced, and the cast breaks some big, but sad news…

“Saturday Con-tunes”
Mar 16, 2015
Everything you need to know about the upcoming Collective-Con coming to Jacksonville May 8th is right here! We learn what and who we can expect at this very promising con, Cesar continues to champion tangible things, and a new segment is premiered.


Mar 03, 2015

The Big Kahuna

The Big Kahuna – Neil Sindicich!

We’ve got an exclusive piece of news to share! With the help of our mystery guest we cover not one, but all aspects of fandom on this show. The winners of the first Short Box giveaway are announced! It’s the surprise heads up episode you can’t miss!!!

“Power Ranger Mafia”
Mar 03, 2015
The Big Kahuna himself, Neil Sindicich, owner of both Superhero Hive and Superhero Beach comic shops, guests on the show (finally!). Neil breaks down what it takes to own a comic shop, Badr exposes the truth behind the Power Rangers, and Cesar honors Mr.Nimoy…

RIP Mr. Nimoy

RIP Mr. Nimoy

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