With Badr and his trusty co-host, Cesar, saving the world overseas, pod-casters, Adam and Ed join forces with the Indomitable Chris Jojola! And so begins a new story arc in the Short Box saga…

The All New Short Box: Adam, Chris, and Ed

Episodes 85-91

Amber with the Short Box crew“Punchin’ a B*tch”
Apr 07, 2015
The Shortbox Reboots! All new uncanny FIRST EPISODE in a bold new direction. Super Counter Girl, Amber, returns to regale us with astonishing tales from the comic shop. Controversy Corner debuts, and Michael bay won’t leave our childhoods alone.

“Going in Blind”
Apr 20, 2015
The nerd world tries to break The Short Box: Batman v Superman, Star Wars, Daredevil, and Mega Con all dropped since last episode. Comic book guru, Jonathan Sanders, and local author, RJ Jojola join us to break it all down.

The Short Box crew with Jonathon and RJ

“Jay’s a Brony”
Apr 28, 2015
Adam and Ed bring on friend of the show, Jay, to help tackle last week’s controversial topics such as Iceman coming out of the closet, Juggalo Joker, and oh, hey look! Comics! We miss you Badr and Cesar.

“Not Everyone’s Boinkin'”
May 05, 2015
Another episode for the ages! It wouldn’t be the Shortbox without a Milligan on the show to talk Marvel movies. Fan favorite, The Marvel OG, Joe Milligan, joins us to talk Age of Ultron, Suicide Squad, and the new batwing. Excelsior!

Badr and Cesar in France“What does the Badr say?”
May 11, 2015
Sneak Attack! We said there wouldn’t be an episode this week, but we just can’t stay away! Coming at you on the tails of Collective Con, the crew goes guest-less and talks about the debut of Marvel’s Secret Wars.

“I can see your boob.”
May 18, 2015
Fury Roads, women name Furiosa, and the men who hate them. Cosplayer and artist, Darci Pelham, joins us to talk about DC television, why you should be watching anime, and why Mad Max is the beginning of the end for men everywhere.

“It smells like the ’90s.”
May 26, 2015
The Professor, James Greene, returns from his year of time traveling to regale us with tales from comic book past. Founding member, Drew Torres, talks Flarrow, and Adam doesn’t even make it out of the intro without making a shocking discovery.

Short Box - the Infinity Gauntlet

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